50 Ways To Live {And Love} By

Someone shared this with me years ago and that same day I printed it out and placed it in my office next to my goals <3

50 ways to live and love by <3 <3

1. Be yourself – chase the limits of the world.
2. Explore
3. Live in the moment.
4. Do the things you love.
5. Express yourself creatively, whatever that is for you.
6. Participate in life instead of watching it pass by.
7. Live each day as if it is your last.
8. “Get to” versus “have to” with everything
9. Do one thing every day that scares you.
10. Question everything.
11. Push the limits.
12. Ignore the status quo.
13. Bushwhack your own path.
14. Travel – even on no budget.
15. Read and learn something every day.
16. Follow your hopes, not your fears.
17. Celebrate your strengths.
18. Celebrate others.
19. Know your inner self.
20. Live in alignment with your purpose.
21. Hold yourself to the highest conduct – be the best version of you possible.
22. Design your ideal life.
23. Stop putting life on hold – take action!
24. Give yourself permission to excel and explore.
25. Learn from criticism without taking it personally.
26. Speak words of life to yourself
27. Speak words of life about others and to others.
28. Let your past refine you, not define you.
29. Forgive others, forgive yourself.
30. Eliminate toxic relationships.
31. Surround yourself with truth.
32. Be authentically you.
33. Stop comparing yourself to anyone else.
34. Look forward to each day of your life; see it as a gift.
35. Learn something new every day – keep upgrading yourself.
36. Try new things.
37. Never settle.
38. Embrace new ideas and new thinking.
39. Know that you are work in progress.
40. Become just a little bit better at being you every day.
41. Dare to dream big.
42. Celebrate the uniqueness of others.
43. Improve the world with your legacy – contribute!
44. Give more than you receive.
45. Relish the little things.
46. Express gratitude daily.
47. Have fun, let yourself be you.
48. Accept change as opportunity to grow.
49. Challenge your fears.
50. Live in love.