Asbestos in children's makeup???!!!

This news has been circulating among big media outlets and without question it should be!! Back in July retailer Justice pulled products/makeup for this exact same all too familiar story in the highly unregulated cosmetics industry.

Let me be clear! Asbestos (or ANY harmful chemicals/ingredients for that matter) don’t belong in the products WE or our CHILDREN use. Period.

This is maddening, unacceptable and is the fuel that keeps my fire burning in the fight for safer personal care products and cosmetics. We ALL deserve better.

In 2017 we shouldn’t have to worry about finding asbestos, lead, heavy metals, hormone disruptors, ingredients linked to cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, etc. in our everyday products due to a lack of regulation! Especially when other countries do not tolerate it and haven’t for decades.

We’re better and smarter than this as a nation and consumer demand for safer products and voting with your dollars is ultimately what will drive change in the industry.

Know that every day you have a committed, passionate group of women and men fighting this fight for you at Beautycounter! Our desire for more health protective laws is what we’re working towards each and we’re taking these issues straight to Washington DC.

So what can you do?!

Become a more informed consumer. Read labels. Find brands you can trust who are transparent and put people and our planet before profits. Toss out that questionable “play” makeup your daughters might have received for Christmas...because small changes = big impact. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

#knowledgeispower #knowbetterdobetter