Sharing My Love for Aunt Fannie's + What Is The Microbiome In Our Home??


At almost 31 weeks pregnant, cleaning our home has become the ultimate challenge - because the honest truth is I'm slow, I'm sluggish, and I'm becoming really choosy on how I spend my time ;-)  Last week I decided to hire a cleaning company to come into our home 1-2 times a month & with Baby #2 on the way I want to keep our home environment as safe (and as clean) as possible!  I also know cleaning will be one of the LAST things I'm going to want to tackle with a newborn and a  3.5 year old.  It's my gift to myself and to my family.

As I was on the hunt for new cleaning products for the cleaning company to use - of course the focus had to be on safety!  So I went to my trusted source, The Environmental Working Group and looked at many brands who scored an "A" when it came to the safety of the ingredients used + products that would be safe for baby...and our entire family.  If your child is like mine (all BOY over here....) we’re ALWAYS on the floor racing hot wheels and playing, so finding a floor cleaner that was safe was my #1 focus.


I stumbled across a brand called "Aunt Fannie's" and with all of their cleaning products scoring an "A" safety rating, I knew they would be on my list of products to check out!  I immediately went to their website and dug in and was super intrigued by the "microbiome" findings of our home (I'll get into more details on that below).  Their founder Mat was a normal dad with normal kids and a normal life, until one day, he wasn't.  Like so many others, his son had developed full-blown and life-threatening allergies, severe eczema, reflux and more.  They went to doctors and got to work. Out went allergens, plastics and processed foods.  His son was improving, but not well.  They changed everything - so they thought.  But the chemicals and crap they took out of the family diet were still lurking in the broom closet.  They discovered the products that kept the house “clean” and “germ-free” went too far - wiping out the good microbes and sending their son’s system into permanent overdrive.  Even most “naturals” were too processed.  The answer was non-disruptive ingredients that adapted along with other living things - human and microscopic - over millennia.  And it worked!   



The word microbiome is defined as the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a “mini-ecosystem” of sorts. It’s the invisible operating system of life. Gazillions of microbiota strong, this ecosystem is designed to help us thrive. We’re part of it. It’s part of us. We know it in the gut, but there’s a microbiome at work everywhere. Especially indoors, where we often spray and over-sanitize these “old friends” into oblivion. This disrupts the system. Ours and theirs. Aunt Fannie’s brings your house and health back home to the microbiome. Their formulas get dirty jobs done while letting nature work as intended.  Makes absolute sense!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.54.22 AM.png

What I’ve learned with being a #CleanBeautyBoss and the lack of regulation in the beauty industry is really no different when it comes to our cleaning/household products.  The current data around the safety of conventional cleaning products is extremely limited. Ingredient labels are mandatory for food and drugs – but not for cleaning products. Many manufacturers of household cleaners do not disclose all ingredients on product labels, making it virtually impossible for consumers to choose safer products. These products commonly contain chemicals that can cause reproductive problems, exacerbate asthma, burn or irritate your skin and harm the environment. Some have even been linked to cancer.

I have learned that of the 80,000-ish chemicals used in the US, only 200 are safety tested. Even “natural” cleaners are unregulated and typically contain questionable ingredients. Even plant-based or plant-derived ingredients are often manipulated in labs, a Frankenstein version the body doesn’t recognize. Aunt Fannie’s is harnessing the pure power of food-based, non-disruptive, microbiomic ingredients and has created solutions that strive to work in harmony with our bodies, not against them.

I received my Aunt Fannie’s order on Saturday and wanted to put the products to the test!  First was the vinegar-based floor cleaner.  I wanted to make sure it would be safe on our hardwood, so I did a few patch tests.  It was perfect on our tile in our bathrooms & the wood floors - leaving them shiny and streak-free!  Just make sure you mix the solution with water according to the instructions on the bottle.  

Next up was the glass cleaner.  Those can sometimes be tough and this one passed the test.   Just make sure to use a microfiber cloth - that is key when cleaning glass and other surfaces like your stainless steel appliances.

So there you have it!  My feedback on my newest #switchtosafer find in the cleaning product category!  And just so you know...I have ZERO affiliation with this brand, I just love sharing new products that I find and love in the health/wellness space with my network!  After my purchase Aunt Fannie’s did send me a referral link, so of course I'll share that here.  You get 30% off should you want to test drive this brand and these products too!