ATTITUDE Living - A Brand That Questions Everything...


Everyday we are faced with thousands of micro-decisions

Some are straightforward, while others are just plain confusing!  During my first pregnancy I started to wonder...are there really toxic chemical filters in my sunscreen? What makes my toothpaste minty green? What will my baby ingest if he licks my just-cleaned floor or if he kisses my moisturized face?  

And somehow the more I questioned what was really in my personal care and cleaning products, the more complex it seemed to get. But I decided making these decisions were critical to my health and that of my families.


But there are sooooooo many personal care & cleaning products on the market that claim to be safe or healthy!  Which ones were truly free from harmful chemicals and toxins?  What I realized was that you must seek out brands you can trust - brands that put PEOPLE and our PLANET before PROFITS.  Brands that understand that they can do WELL by doing GOOD.  A great resource that I use ALL THE TIME for finding safer alternatives is The EWG's Independent Skin Deep Database

Because if you're like me, your busy day probably doesn't include reading up on potential ingredients of concern...

I started making the switch to safer products almost 4 years ago starting with my personal care products and my partnership with Beautycounter.  At that time, "clean beauty" and "safer household products" were hard to find!  Many consumers and health enthusiast had just started connecting the dots in that what we put ON and AROUND our bodies is just as important as what we put INTO our bodies.  Our skin is not impenetrable; it can absorb a vast array of chemicals, which can pass into our bloodstream.  And once they enter our bloodstream, these harmful chemicals and ingredients can accumulate in our bodies over time.

According to research by the EWG, the long-term impact of cancer-causing contaminants in our personal care products starts before we’re born. Contaminants accumulate in small quantities in our systems every day, all our lives. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has flagged 11 of 113 carcinogens identified that are still in many personal care products available today.  This is NOT okay!


During my most recent pregnancy with Camden I started searching for safer household baby products - think laundry detergents, stain removers, bottle, breast pump and surface/toy cleaners and I’m soooooo happy I landed on a brand called ATTITUDE Living!  I’ve been using their baby cleaning products for almost 2 months now and couldn’t be happier with their performance AND their safety!

At ATTITUDE, all of their ingredients must be:

Natural, Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Sustainable & Free of contaminants and by-products listed on the California Proposition 65 list including cancer-causing chemicals compounds, mutagens and endocrine disruptors.  

At the end of the day, we MUST become curious.  We SHOULD question everything.  We CAN find brands that are doing the right thing by our health.  Because switching to safer doesn't have to be complicated!! 

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