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ATTITUDE Living - A Brand That Questions Everything...

Everyday we are faced with thousands of micro-decisions...

Some are straightforward, while others are just plain confusing!  During my first pregnancy I started to wonder...are there really toxic chemical filters in my sunscreen? What makes my toothpaste minty green? What will my baby ingest if he licks my just-cleaned floor or if he kisses my moisturized face?  

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Sharing My Love for Aunt Fannie's + What Is The Microbiome In Our Home??

At almost 31 weeks pregnant, cleaning our home has become the ultimate challenge - because the honest truth is I'm slow, I'm sluggish, and I'm becoming really choosy on how I spend my time ;-)  Last week I decided to hire a cleaning company to come into our home 1-2 times a month & with Baby #2 on the way - I want to keep our home environment as safe (and as clean!) as possible!  Plus I know cleaning is one of the LAST things I'm going to want to tackle with a newborn and now 3.5 year old.  It's my gift to myself and to my family.

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