CBD Oil! Why I finally jumped in...

** Today's post is brought to you in partnership with my friends at Equilibria and in the spirit of transparency, this blog post contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated should you choose to make a purchase. Of course I only recommend products I personally use and love for myself - so you’re in good hands. 😊

It’s EVERYWHERE - especially living here in Colorado. It’s an industry that’s on the uptick big time and new brands are entering the CBD market daily.  

It’s funny because I’m usually the type of person who likes to jump in and be an early adopter with the “next thing” in the wellness space.  But CBD was different. I knew I’d be using it eventually and I knew I would most likely love the effects and results, but my hesitation up until recently has always been in finding the right brand.  

Most who know me also know I’m borderline obsessive when it comes to reading labels and understanding the ingredients I’m putting in and on my body.  I want to know the source, how it’s processed, I want to see third party lab results (I’ll explain why this is important later) - basically I need to know that what I’m ingesting is a high quality product made by a transparent, no BS company.

So here I am once again vetting the industry and sharing my findings with you all.  Because knowledge is power amiright?

So let’s start with the basics - so if you don’t know...now you know ;-) 

The thing with the CBD industry is that it’s highly unregulated.  Sound familiar? This is something I’m unfortunately used to in my career as a clean beauty/wellness advocate as the beauty and supplement industry is very similar.  And because of the current lack of regulation and FDA oversight the CBD industry is like the wild wild west out there! There are very few barriers to entry and everyone wants to have their hands in the market.  This means you need to know what to look for in terms of quality and you have to do your own research! Thankfully I’m doing it for you. 😎    

What I know for certain is that CBD isn’t all hype.  With daily, consistent use (just like anything else) you can help your body find a better balance.  Especially women! From hormonal regulation (periods, fertility, menopause) to anxiety, auto-immune and inflammation we as women can easily swing out of balance.  

I’m turning 36 this year and ladies - I’m feeling it.  Add 2 crazy little boys into the mix and that entrepreneurial lifestyle and there are definitely days where the tank is running on E.  This is why I’ve taken the time to dial it in with my supplements, nutrition + rid my routine and environment from as many harmful, hormone disrupting chemicals and ingredients possible.  I don’t need any more strikes against me as I age. 😉 I’ve made these lifestyle changes little by little because I truly want to THRIVE and be at my best for my family for as long as I possibly can!  I know I’m not alone here!

I was introduced to the CBD oil brand called Equilibria by a fellow #cleanbeautyboss with Beautycounter.  She is well respected in the clean living space and I knew if she was using this brand - it was worth scoping out to see if it checked all the boxes for me too.  Sure enough I was blown away by their rigorous standards and a few days later my first “Brilliance Box” showed up on my doorstep.

So why was I suddenly “all in” with CBD when I had been so hesitant before?  Let me share a few things that “sold me” on Equilibria before I get into my own personal experience with using CBD oil.

First of all - the brand was founded by women FOR women. #girlpower 💁🏼 Their mission is to restore balance to the lives of women by focusing on the biochemistry of females.  We as women have our own unique needs and CBD isn’t a one size fits all.

With this being my first go around in taking CBD oil - I was impressed to find that Equilibria offered complimentary access to my own personal dosage specialist.  This was super important since I take other supplements/adaptogenic herbs and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t under or over dosing with the CBD oil.  I wanted to make sure I was maximizing the effects! Maia (a dosage specialist at Equilibria) was amazing in sending me some quick tips and info as soon as my box arrived!

Of course I have to do a deep dive into the quality, transparency and supply chain with Equilibria as this was THE MOST important criteria for me before trying CBD oil.  Again...it’s the wild wild west out there!

Equilibria’s CBD is fully traceable from their own organic 1,100 acre hemp farm right here in my home state of Colorado.  No fluff. No fillers. No middle-men (which is so common). You’re getting a consistent reliable batch every single time.  This is an example of a vertically integrated supply chain with full traceability back to the seed which is EXTREMELY RARE in the industry.  The vast majority of CBD brands simply purchase CBD as a white-labeler. The sources can be different with each batch and the quality and consistency can vary.

Something else I needed to understand and find full transparency in was heavy metals and pesticide testing/lab results.  As a clean beauty gal I know how these chemicals can wreak havoc on our bodies and this is something I’ve worked really hard to get out of my routine in switching out my cosmetics and other products in my home/food.

Equilibria actually posts their third party lab results on their website.  Transparency at its finest!! Cannabis naturally absorbs toxins in the ground and since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, most of the products out there are either poorly grown and processed which means they have wayyyy less CBD than they claim; and/or they have pesticides and heavy metals in them.

Okay so let’s dive into the good stuff - how I actually USE my CBD oil + the benefits I’m personally experiencing.  I’ve always known that CBD could be helpful in reducing inflammation (the root cause of nearly all disease) and that over time I could experience relief in terms of nerve and muscle pain along with a host of other benefits (sleep, stress, improved mood, hormones, etc) - but I didn’t know HOW much it would help.

I’ve been using Equilibria’s daily drops, soft gels and relief cream - all for different reasons, but in conjunction with each other.  My absolute favorite product is the Daily Drops. I fill up the dropper at night and hold the oil under my tongue for almost a minute before swallowing - allowing it to bypass the digestive system so it can hit your system faster.  I was already experiencing better sleep since taking my adaptogens aka “Stress Fighter” from REBL Jane, but incorporating Equilibria’s drops into the mix has been the icing on the cake!

As for the Daily Softgels - think of these as your daily vitamin.  Something you take every day for maintenance that acts as a slow release vs. the dropper which is a faster hitting format.

As an avid crossfitter and someone who has struggled with chronic low back pain for YEARS post scoliosis surgery (I had a full spinal fusion when I was 18), I was also excited to try the Relief Cream.  It’s so common for me to experience low back pain where I have lots of scar tissue buildup from the bone chips that were taken from my hip to use during my spinal operation.  That’s always been an area of my back that can get uncomfortable/painful if I stand for too long, sit for too long, go too long without working out, work out too much - you name it!  It’s an easy target for flare ups! I’ve been loving this cream for targeted relief! Equilibria went through 44 formulations before they found the right one and they nailed it! Relief right where you need it!

So there you have it!  I’m so happy I took the leap with CBD oil AND found a brand that I could trust and get behind.  Quality, transparency, unique formulations just for women...a brand out there doing the right things by their consumers!  

If you’re wanting to learn more about CBD - what it is exactly, what it does and how, and other need to knows you can click HERE.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have additional questions or want to know more - I’m always happy to share and give my honest feedback!