Hello, Hello!

Hello, Hello!  My name is Morgan Rasmussen - I'm a wife, momma of one (plus 1 in the oven!) on a mission to educate and empower those around me on how to make safer, healthier swaps in their daily routine.  Think of me as your trustworthy girlfriend who will have a cup of coffee (or let's be real...after a long day in toddlerville it's an oversized glass of wine) with you and give you nothing but the truth when it comes to what I've learned about nutrition, wellness, the beauty industry and of course that #momlife.  We're all out here doing the best we can, but we don't always know the full story or understand the entire truth when it comes to our health.  So here's where I come in...

My passion stems from my 4 year career as an entrepreneur in the clean beauty revolution.  Like so many others, I didn't know what I didn't know when it came to the potentially harmful and toxic chemicals and ingredients lurking in my personal care and beauty products - and in my home environment in general.  For the longest time I thought I was checking all the boxes by exercising regularly (don't hate me...I'm a crossfitter) and drinking my Bulletproof Coffee and green smoothies. I thought that was enough.

It wasn't until several years ago when I became pregnant with our first child, Brooks, that I started to really uncover other areas of my health where I was completely missing the mark - and I was outraged by what I had learned.  You're telling me the beauty and baby products that line the shelves of so many of my favorite stores most likely contain ingredients that have never been tested for human safety?!  Ingredients with KNOWN links to reproductive issues, cancers, hormone disruption, birth defects and ADHD (to name a few) are legally allowed in our products that we use every single day and with little to no oversight by our government?

Learning about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry was infuriating.  I felt duped as a mother who considered herself to be an educated consumer and an avid nutrition label reader.  In July of 2014, just 2 weeks before my due date, I decided it was time to do something about this issue.  And so, I did...

I partnered with a newer startup company called Beautycounter to become a voice for change when it comes to the toxic chemicals that are found in many personal care products on the market.  You see, the European Union has identified and banned over 1400 ingredients that have been linked to health harm while the United States has only banned 30 to date.  We can do better as a nation, and at Beautycounter we're doing something about it.  Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone through education; providing safer, high-performing solutions and through advocating for more health-protective laws in Washington DC. We have taken our standard of safety to the strictest measure through our "Never List" of over 1500 chemicals/ingredients that we will never (ever!) include in our products. 

I used to use 17+ products a day on my hair, skin and face - never once stopping to consider whether or not my products were safe, never once questioning words and ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.

*  I learned that there has not been a major federal law passed governing the personal care industry since 1938  

*  that our children’s generation is the first to be sicker and die younger than their parents

*  and that there are 85,000+ chemicals on the market with thousands being added each year – of which 80% of these chemicals have NEVER been tested for human safety.

*  Many of these chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, autism, hormone disruption and other health issues are legally ALLOWED in the products we use every day.

When I thought about the world in which I was about to bring my new baby boy, I couldn’t ignore the social impact of getting to be a part of something bigger than myself, building this movement for better beauty and working towards the day when our children won't have to scan ingredient labels and wonder whether the products they are about to purchase are safe. 

I joined Beautycounter having no idea where this journey would take me.  But what I DID know was that I was passionate about having the opportunity to educate and empower those around me on how to make safer choices when it comes to the products we use in our homes and on our families every single day. 

Cheers to beauty, change and choices! xx Morgan

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